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Control Your WABA - A Story Inspired By Stephen Curry
  • Control Your WABA - A Story Inspired By Stephen Curry


    WABA stands for Words, Actions, Behavior and Attitude. 
    These principles help remind and teach kids to master what they can control, regardless of their circumstance.

    In this book, we will follow the journey of Justin, who is a big fan of Stephen Curry and aspires for greatness as he follows his basketball dreams. Justin faces many challenges along the way but uses WABA principles as a guide.

    This children's book contains exercises in mindfulness to help kids develop a winning attitude.

    Inspired by Stephen Curry
    At 6’ 3” Stephen Curry is no giant by NBA standards. But, in the history of the NBA, no player has changed the game more. Today more kids look up to the Golden State Warriors star, than any other player in the NBA. This is easy to see, by his leading jersey sales and the way kids play today. If you visit any playground across the globe, you will see kids emulating his style.

    In addition to revolutionizing the game of basketball, Stephen Curry is also a father of three. Just like other NBA dads, the Curry’s face their parenting challenges just like the rest of us. During a recent interview, Curry shared his parenting principle, which he describes as WABA.

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