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Eboni's Juneteenth Celebration
  • Eboni's Juneteenth Celebration


    Signed copy of Eboni's Juneteeth Celebration.


    Step into the vibrant world of Eboni as she prepares for a special Juneteenth celebration in her community. Eboni eagerly learns about the history of Juneteenth—the day slavery ended in the United States—and its significance in African American culture.


    As Eboni helps her family and neighbors decorate, cook traditional foods, and rehearse performances, she discovers the importance of unity, freedom, and honoring ancestors. Throughout the festivities, Eboni learns valuable lessons about resilience and the power of community.


    "Eboni's Juneteenth Celebration" is a heartwarming tale that celebrates diversity, heritage, and the joy of coming together. Perfect for young readers interested in learning about Juneteenth and its cultural significance, this book inspires children to embrace history, celebrate traditions, and cherish the spirit of unity.

    Join Eboni and her community as they commemorate Juneteenth with love, laughter, and a deep appreciation for their shared heritage. Discover the beauty of this historic celebration through Eboni's eyes and feel the warmth of family, friendship, and freedom in every page.



    Written By: Debbie Norton

    Illustrated By: Tiye Samone



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