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With Struggle Comes Ease - Unlocking Potential For Kids
  • With Struggle Comes Ease - Unlocking Potential For Kids


    Join Malcolm on a transformative journey of perseverance and self-discovery in "With Struggle Comes Ease". Malcolm is a little boy who, despite his initial setbacks and tendency to quit when faced with challenges, learns the invaluable lesson of persistence.


    Through colorful illustrations and relatable storytelling, Malcolm's journey unfolds as he encounters various activities and tasks that initially seem daunting. From learning to ride a bike to mastering a new hobby, each hurdle brings its own set of struggles. However, with the guidance of supportive friends and family, Malcolm discovers the power of perseverance and resilience.


    "As Malcolm navigates through moments of doubt and frustration, he learns that with every struggle comes the potential for growth and accomplishment. Through determination and perseverance, he discovers his own strengths and abilities."


    "With Struggle Comes Ease" is a heartwarming and empowering tale that encourages young readers to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and persistently pursue their goals. It's a perfect addition to any child's library, inspiring them to unlock their full potential and celebrate the rewards of perseverance.


    Written By: Omar El-Amin

    Illustrated By: Tiye Samone

      Expected to ship in August 2024.


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