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My Dear Son - A Letter of Encouragement from God

My Dear Son - A Letter of Encouragement from God


Dive into a heartwarming journey that echoes the boundless love of God for His sons in "My Dear Son...". Through poetic verses and captivating illustrations, this book tenderly expresses the deep and unwavering love that God has for each of His children.


As the pages unfold, young readers are enveloped in messages of compassion, encouragement, and divine guidance. From the beauty of creation to the warmth of familial bonds, every aspect of life is a testament to God's loving presence and steadfast care.

"My Dear Son..." serves as a gentle reminder that every child is cherished and valued in God's eyes. It inspires a sense of security and belonging, reassuring young hearts that they are never alone on their journey through life.


This uplifting and comforting book is perfect for bedtime readings, Sunday school lessons, and quiet moments of reflection. It's a timeless treasure that celebrates the unique relationship between God and His sons, fostering faith, hope, and a deeper understanding of divine love.

Join us on this inspiring adventure where every page echoes with the resounding message: "My Dear Son, you are deeply loved, now and forever."


Written By: April Littleton

Illustrated By: Tiye Samone



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