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The Purple Rock that Couldn’t Stop
  • The Purple Rock that Couldn’t Stop


    Discover the captivating journey of the Purple Rock—a small, vibrant-hued rock that defies the odds in "The Purple Rock That Couldn't Stop". From the moment it rolls into the hands of two playful boys looking for something to swing at the sun, to being caught in the spokes of a bicycle and bouncing like a basketball, this resilient rock seems unstoppable.


    Despite enduring various misadventures, the Purple Rock's journey takes a heartwarming turn when it finds itself tossed onto a sandy beach. There, a young girl discovers it, cleans it up, and brings it home to a safe, comfortable spot. But can the Purple Rock finally rest, or does it still face the risk of being mishandled and tossed around?


    Through resilience, perseverance, and hope, "The Purple Rock That Couldn't Stop" tells an inspiring tale of overcoming challenges and finding peace. It teaches valuable lessons about determination and the importance of finding a safe haven amidst life's uncertainties.


    Perfect for readers young and old, this timeless story reminds us that no matter how many times we're knocked down, there's always something worth fighting for. Pick up your copy today and embark on a journey of magic and resilience with the Purple Rock!


    Written By: Brandy Spivey

    Illustrated By: Tiye Samone

      Expected to ship 2 weeks after purchase.


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